Claire Aster 
Available in Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, White
(Consist of Aster and Peacock)
Rp 135.000

Pink Iris
(Consist of  Pink Garbera, Yellow Aster, Purple Aster, Pink Aster, Thalspi)
Rp 185.000

Unicorn Aster
(Consist of Pink Aster, Rainbow
Baby Breath, Import Caspea)
Rp 200.000

Lucy Aster 
Available in Pink, Yellow, Red, White
(Consist of Aster, Import Baby Breath, Import Caspea)
Rp 225.000

(Consist of  White Rose, Yellow Garbera, Yellow Aster,
Yellow Pompom, Yellow Gompie, Chamomile, Yellow Calimero, Thalspi)
Rp 245.000

Leocadia Cherish  
(Consist of Pink Gompie, Peach Rose, White Rose, White Aster, Orange Aster
Import Baby Breath, Import Eucalyptus Cineria, Import Caspea)
Rp 250.000

Pop Orline 
(Consist of Blue Gompie, Yellow Gompie, Yellow Chrysant, Cavtiva, Orange Aster
Yellow Aster, Pink Garbera, Pink Rose, Thalspi)
Rp 250.000

Red Lucy Rose
(Consist of Red Roses,
Import Baby Breath, Import Caspea)
Rp 280.000

Bright Caiden Gompie
(Consist of Pink Gompie, White Rose, Orange Aster,
Import Baby Breath, Import Eucalyptus, Import Caspea)
Rp 285.000

Pink Colin  
(Consist of Pink Rose, White Aster,
Import Baby Breath, Import Caspea)
Rp 285.000

I Purple You
(Consist White Rose, Pink Pompom, Purple Aster, Cavtiva, Sprayed Carnation,
Pink Garbera, Sprayed Anthurium, Thalspi , Import Caspea)
Rp 295.000


Cherish Lucy Rose 
(Consist of 3 color of roses, Import Baby Breath,
Import Eucalyptus, Import Caspea)
Rp 300.000

 Eledia Hydrangea
(Consist of Blue Gompie, Pink Rose, Anthurium
Peach Rose, Pink Chrysant, Purple Aster, Yellow Pompom, Loropitto)
Rp 325.000

Tropical Summer  
(Consist of Pink Lily, Yellow Pom Pom,
Pink Garbera, Peach Rose,  Pink Carnation, Import Baby Breath,
Import Eucalyptus, Import Caspea, Loropitto)
Rp 375.000

Berlin Cerise
(Consist of Blue Gompie, Pink Garbera,
Cavtiva, White Chrysant,  White Aster, White Pompom,
Import Baby Breath, Import Caspea )
Rp 375.000

Neona Bouquet  
(Consist of Pink Lily, White Rose Sprayed,
Sunflower,  Pink Carnation, Import Baby Breath,
Import Eucalyptus, Thalspi, Purple Peacock )
Rp 425.000

Illiana Round Bouquet
(Consist of Violet Tulip, Lily Pink, Anthurium
Cavtiva, White Rose,  Purple Aster, Amimajus,
Import Baby Breath, Import Caspea )
Rp 435.000

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